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The Brighton Schools Alumni Association (BSAA) was founded to provide connections for and recognize alumni of Brighton High School (BHS) in Rochester, NY, and to support the continued excellence of the BHS education through a variety of programs, projects and services, including an annual scholarship; reunions; an alumni hall of fame; an electronic marquee,; landscaping; a courtyard with benches and paving stones commemorating alumni, classes, staff and faculty; library renovations; and more.

The BSAA meets monthly throughout the school year. New members of the BSAA board and project committees are welcome!

BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame news

The Brighton Schools Alumni Association (BSAA) is proud to announce the 2014 members of the BSAA/BHS (BHS) Alumni Hall of Fame, which began in 2006:

Robert Goldman ’77                                   inventor/entrepreneur

Susan Salitan Robfogel ’60                       law

Roger Friedlander52                                business/philanthropy

William W. Pinch ’58                                   science

Cass (Cassandra) Balch Morgan ’63       theater/community service

This year’s BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame members will participate in a free Symposium for the Brighton/Rochester community and BHS students, faculty and staff on the evening of Thursday, May 29, at BHS and will address several BHS classes on Friday, May 30. They will be honored at the 2014 Recognition Gala on the evening of Friday, May 30, at Oak Hill Country Club. Ticket information for that event will be available shortly.

In addition to this year’s honorees and their family, friends and classmates, William Hall, MD will join us for this year’s Recognition Gala to represent his late wife, Caroline “Caren” Breese Hall, who was inducted into the BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame last year.

Previous honorees are:


Nancy Gong ’74                                     art

Caroline “Caren” Breese Hall ’56 (posthumous) medicine

Stuart L. Hart ’70                                   education/thought leadership

Bruce R. Laumeister ’52                      business/philanthropy


James Allison, MD ’60                             medicine

Jeffrey Levy ’59                                        military and volunteer service

John Milliman ’56                                     science

Jerry Stahl ’57                                          sports volunteering


Richard Appelbaum ’60                          education/public policy

Jim Crawford ’54                                      public service/religion

Hank Greenwald ’53                                sports

Alan Hovey ’41 (posthumous)                   government/public service


Hank Appelbaum ’58                               government /public service

Irene Taylor Brodsky ’88                         arts (film)

Laura L. Carstensen, PhD ’71                 education/public service

Tom Richards ’61                                     public service/law/government

Thomas Scalea, MD ’69                           medicine


Sanford A. Gradinger ‘54                         business/public service

Christine A. Gleason, MD ‘71                  medicine

James D. Gollin ‘76                                  philanthropy

Alan Shestack ‘56                                   arts (museum education/administration)


Daan Braveman ‘65                                 education

Karen Noble Hanson ’61                         public service/religion

Robert Weisbuch, PhD ’64                      education


Bradford Berk, MD ’71                            medicine

John Shoemaker ’60                               business

Arthur Lonne Lane, PhD 57                   science


Jacksel Broughton ’42                           leadership/military service

David Kearns ’48                                    business/education

William Scandling ’40 (posthumously)     business

Frederick Trost ’53                                  public service/religion

Pauline Yu ’66                                          education/literature

Enjoy video highlights of BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame members!

Videos featuring BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame members from past years may be seen online, thanks to Paul Tracy (’85). Learn more about the backgrounds of these stellar BHS alumni and out how they view the value of their Brighton educations in achieving the accomplishments that brought them this prestigious recognition:

videos of BSAA/BHS Alumni Halll of Fame members

In addition, BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame committee chair Alan Ziegler has insights into what’s happening and why to attend the annual Symposium and Recognition Gala in any year! See what he has to say in this video:

2012 BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame video

(Special thanks to Paul Tracy for recording and editing our first promotional video.)


BSAA to honor co-chair emeritus “Pete” French

Although BSAA’s co-chair emeritus Henry “Pete” Pierson French, Jr., EdD, BHS’53, died in 2012, we remember him with great affection. Pete was a driving force in the association’s founding, development and many accomplishments. He was also a beloved and respected educator, with a 41-year career at Monroe Community College as well as a part-time teaching career at the University of Rochester.

Pete was known for his dedication to the public library system, his church, the BSAA and other service organizations. Plans are underway to remember his many contributions to his alma mater and the BSAA as part of our participation in a renovation project for the BHS library.

Nominations for BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame are open all year-round

Nominations are closed for the 2014 BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame recognition events, but may be made for future years. Don’t take a chance on forgetting to make your nominations – do it now, and we’ll hold onto them for the next round of honorees. For details and a nomination form, just click here: BSAA-BHSAlumHallofFameNomntn

Upcoming meetings of the Brighton Schools Alumni Association

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The Brighton Schools Alumni Association (BSAA) will meet on the following dates in 2014. Unless otherwise noted, BSAA meetings are held at 7 p.m. Eastern time in the Kay Heinrich Clark Alumni Resource Center at the 12 Corners Elementary School building (2035 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY). Anyone who attended a Brighton public school is welcome, especially if you might be interested in serving on the BSAA board or one of our committees!


Tuesday, April 22

Tuesday, May 20 (final planning for BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame events)

Thursday, May 29, BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame Symposium

Friday, May 30, BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame Recognition Gala

Tuesday, June 17

Welcome to the BSAA

Welcome to the website of the Brighton Schools Alumni Association (BSAA)! We’re revamping our website, so please bear with us as we get the hang of this new format and roll over all of our info and images for you.

We’re already planning for the 2013 BSAA/BHS Alumni Hall of Fame events, so be sure to make your nominations soon!

Photo by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, BHS ’71. Marquee donated to BHS by the BSAA.